Thursday, January 27, 2011

Live in a barn? Umm...OKAY!

Those that know me and my personal style know that I love me some rustic elegance. This Connecticut barn was converted into a home by its owners. I am in love with it! I love how they mixed the modern pieces with something that is so "down-home" and lets face it... country. Also the beams and high vaulted ceilings make it seem open and airy. I know Hunter and I would pack up our bags and move in if we could, this is right up our alley! Check it out!
 How about that fabulous light fixture?

 I just love these floors! The variation in size and wood tones gives the space texture and depth. Also it looks to be reclaimed wood, which in most cases is an absolute favorite of mine!

 I probably would have chosen a different tub personally, but to each his own!
 I like that the owners decorated the space for what it is. They didn't try to change it, they preserved its character.
We are indeed still in the barn, though it is harder to tell! I am loving the natural light and these rustic brown leather chairs. Gorgeous!

So, this photo is not part of the barn. BUT, I think it would look fabulous in the space and I am pretty much a huge coffee lover so I thought it was too good not to show. Oooing and Ahhing right? Yeah me too. I can only dream of a coffee station like this in my home....some day...mmm I want some coffee!

images: style at home, martha stewart

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