Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vintage Weddings

Oh how I love weddings! One of my favorite trends for weddings that has been on the forefront the last couple years is vintage weddings. In 2009 when I was married I absolutely added an element of this trend to my own big day. It is funny really because I feel like another trend is modern weddings which is on the other end of the spectrum. I just may do a post about that as well!

With so many of my friends tying the knot all around me, I wanted to devote a little "wedding inspiration" to them. So here are some beautiful images I gathered of vintage wedding touches.

 This centerpiece is quite extravagant but the idea is the washed out tones in the flowers. That is what makes it so vintage. The crystals and candles add romance as well. 
 Believe it or not, this photo was one of the main inspirations for my own wedding when I was planning 2 years or so ago. The glass urn style vases, the jewels on the picture frame, candles, I love it all. There are also certain flowers that you will see over and over again that depict an antique vibe. Those are hydrangea, antique or garden roses, ranunculus and peonies, all my favorite flowers because I am a sucker for vintage!
 Notice the flower choices I just stated, here they are again. But what I love about these flowers is actually what they are held in. A silver pitcher. When thinking about your centerpieces if you are going for a vintage flair, think about something out of the box or unique pieces. Something unconventional shows personality and can make your centerpiece stand out amongst traditional vases. Also, when it comes to antiques, nothing usually matches perfectly. Mismatched pieces make the setting feel authentic.
Though I am not crazy about the flower arrangement in this photo (like those brown flowers) I love this dreamy palette. I like this photo because it is vintage without being in neutral or pink tones. The bouquet is colorful and rich. What makes it feel vintage is the watercolor effect or again washed out tones. After all the blue flowers are actually called Antique Hydrangea. They are absolutely one of my favorite flowers and are so popular for weddings and you can see why.

Now lets talk the fun part! DRESSES!

Vintage wedding dresses are all about lace, romance, embellishments and feminine details.
 This dress is gorgeous. The way the lace overlaps an antique ivory color is one of my favorite effects on wedding dresses. The satin rose belt defines the waistline and adds a feminine detail. The high neck where the lace lays over the skin is what makes this dress unique and reminiscent of old world style.

 A more common wedding dress style, this lace A-line would be flattering to a variety of figures and has all the right touches of vintage glamour.
 I love the cascading satin petals on this dress. Thick tool or organza like on the bottom is so girly and would make any woman feel like a "bride". Any ballgown with an empire waist flatters so many figures because it hides the areas that might be a problem spot for many women and highlights the collar bone and shoulders which is beautiful on all bodies.
 I chose this simple dress because I loved how this bride (or I should say model) has the flirty headband in. It is the perfect accessory to a simple dress. If you are an accessories girl then an understated dress would pair perfectly with your hair pieces or jewelry. Also, it is a very modern thing to get married while pregnant these days. This dress would look unbelievable on an expecting bride. It is flowy, simple and elegant.
 I love the scalloped lace halter straps on this dress. Also the bow highlighting the mini waist on this model. It is a modern silhouette for a vintage style bride.
And lastly, a ballgown in ivory with all the fluff and embellishments for the bride that wants to look like a glamorous princess on her big day. The corseting, and strapless neckline are so in right now. What makes it vintage is the lace, corset and romantic beading throughout. In fact this dress is extremely similar to my own wedding gown. I thought I wanted a dress like the simpler ones above but there is something about wearing a big fluffy ball gown that makes you feel set apart from the rest on your wedding day. I only tried on one ballgown and I knew it was the one, thanks to my sister for selecting it for me! 

Here are some images of me in my vintage style ball gown. And in closing your wedding is about you and your spouse and your personal style. Filling your wedding with personal touches and unique pieces will make your day all about you and your sweetie, just the way it should be.


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