Sunday, May 26, 2013

Maternity Style

I know it has been far too long between posts, so I apologize. My plan is to do a lot more posts because I have so many projects underway for the nursery. We also have been completing projects for our home so as soon as I can I will start posting our progress. I also want to make this blog more of a lifestyle blog instead of just being so focused on style and interiors. Being pregnant, family and our little girl's arrival pretty much consume my thoughts so I would love to document it.

So on to this post. I wasn't quite sure what kind of things I would want to wear while being pregnant, I didn't know if all I would want to wear was maternity or if I could make some of my own pieces work. Well my answer has been a mix of those. My bump didn't really progress that much until around 25 weeks, then it all seemed to arrive at once! Well I have really been able to wear a lot of my regular clothes like loose blouses, maxi skirts and dresses, some sweaters, tanks and tees. I have been lucky. The hardest area has been pants, more specifically jeans. Luckily I had a few pairs that were a little big that I was able to wear until just a couple weeks ago, and probably could still wear with a hair band, but when I have tried that it has been pretty uncomfortable. Luckily I had one pair of jeans that are sort of bell bottomy that also stretch and at 30 weeks I can still button them and wear them comfortably. Everyone is so different when it comes to what works for them, and the shape that their bump takes on is also a big factor. But I wanted to compile a board that showed the outfits and pieces that I live in and can't get enough of! I'm hoping I will still be able to squeeze myself into these the next couple months!

Graphic tee and maxi skirt - Let's face it, maxi skirts are like pajamas. They are so unbelievably comfy and you can get them in so many colors. I probably have 5 but I wear them all the time. I have a blue one like above, a couple neutral colors and then a couple more brights. I love pairing them with stretchy graphic tees, or a plain white tee or tank and a fun scarf.
Maxi dress - Or a high low dress or any dress! Maxis are great because again they are comfortable, they let you breathe and they are versatile. I love throwing a cardigan or denim jacket over mine and I feel stylish and comfy. Sometimes I even put a colorful blouse over the top to simply make them look like skirts. You cannot go wrong with maxis and being pregnant. I have a lot of maxi dresses, my favorites to currently wear I purchased for next to nothing at places like Ross and TJ Maxx. I hate the thought of spending money on clothes I will only wear or a short time. I just bought a size up from what I normally wear, got them in mostly stretchy fabrics and bam, you have the best pregnancy staple besides food!
Denim jacket - I already had one in my closet that I wore the heck out of, and I still do. Like I said, put it on over a dress or with the skirt outfit and you're good to go. It is great to have for spring or summer evenings or when you're unsure of what the weather will do. Especially like me living in Oregon where the weather is always unpredictable! I have one in white as well that I have had since high school and I still rock it.
Loose fitting blouses - These are another thing I already had in my closet and so far they have been great. I feel like I can look stylish and keep my bump happy. Plus there are a million and one loose and adorable styles to choose from. Fashion trends right now are so perfect for the pregnant lady!
Jeans - Now like I said, I am lucky to have a pair I can still wiggle into, but if you need maternity jeans I say get a pair or two. I switch off between my skinny maternity jeans and my flare regulars, but for me my regulars are just more comfortable. Plus they look great paired with a blouse, kind of puts out that 70's look that I'm so fond of. The point is you need a pair of jeans that fit comfortably or else you will have a whole lot of tops that you have nothing to pair with.
Tunics and leggings - Another fave of mine is any tunic, or summer dress paired with leggings. So comfy, so instantly cute. You can wear the combo year round with boots, or sandals. I can still squeeze into most of my leggings and I have them in a lot of colors. I also have a ton of little dresses and I'm sure you do too to make this look work for you. Again, a super comfy outfit for you and baby, that can be dressed up or down.
Flats and Sandals - I had a pair of booties I somehow managed to go shopping in when I was around 24 weeks. It was the last time I will wear any sort of heel, let me tell you! My back ACHED. So from that day on I made the commitment to flat shoes. The farther along I get I notice how crazy hard it is to put on tennis shoes, so I recommend flats and sandals because in most cases you can slip them on. They are pretty comfy too. Although, we had some snow last week so I wore my uggs and realized how nice those winter pregnant Mammas have it!

Here is a picture of me in a black maxi and owl tee taken a couple weeks ago at 7 months pregnant. 

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