Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!!

I am so honored that my friend and old co-worker Jenna, chose my personal blog and this one for the:


This is my first blogging award ever, and 2 all at once! So awesome! Jenna's blog jennacaps is all about beauty and more, she even posts video tutorials, so I highly suggest you check it out. After only a few posts I have been entertained and learned a lot from this lady. Doesn't get much better! Thank you!! 

So the rules of the award are to list 7 facts about yourself and tag 7 other stylish blogs with this special award. It is going to be hard to pick 7 interesting things..hmmm but here it goes!

1. I have a serrrrrrrrriiiiioooous sweet tooth! I mean SERIOUS!! As in, my favorite things that I crave often are Blizzards and frozen hot chocolates from Dairy Queen, any type of ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, sugary cereals like Trix, Cap'n Crunch Berries, Cocoa Puffs...more and candy.

2. I am a coffee addict and my addiction really is not just to caffeine but really good coffee like caramel machiattos, caramel sauce white mochas, peppermint white mochas, and in the fall pumpkin spice white mochas. I often wonder how much more in shape I would look if I could cut this out! But sadly I am surely addicted and my motto is, if I have no other unhealthy addictions in life, I can have this ONE thing most mornings. The sad part is I also hooked my hubby even though it is sort of fun at the same time to have the same addiction =) I just feel a little guilty for dragging him into this too.

3. I am really good at video games. I mean like reaaaallly good especially for a girl. I have played them my whole life, grew up having a Nintendo and Super Nintendo in my room and just loved to play. My all time favorite games are the original Super Mario Bros 3, Mario Kart for Wii, and Tetris for Super Nintendo, and yes I will most likely kick your butt at all of those. 

4. I have seen every single Lifetime Movie ever made, and probably at least twice. Yes, I love my movies, especially my girly ones and Lifetime is just my fave. I grew up watching them with my Mom and it has just been something special I like to turn on while working on my computer and doing homework, or having a lazy day with a girlfriend or Mom and Sis. There really is nothing better in the world to me then having one of my previous listed addictions of coffee, being lazy in my pjs, curled up on the couch with a movie. I don't think I could name a favorite movie, but generally the ones filmed from 1996-2000 are my favorites.

5. I have a couple of big dreams on my life to do list including buying a house and starting a family. I am sooooo anxious to start having children with my amazing husband, but I really am fighting that urge until  a couple of things get sorted out first like graduating college, saving up a little, buying a house and traveling Europe. But whenever it happens I know there is nothing that will make me happier.

6. I am a little obsessed with music and movies. I love my celebrity news and gossip and my whole life I have wanted to be an artist but I also have always wanted to be an actress. That is why having my own show on HGTV would be the best of both worlds. I also get totally star struck! My favorite celebrities? Reese Witherspoon, Leonardo Dicaprio, Carrie Underwood, and Trey Songz.

7. My senses and memory are impeccable. My friend told me she learned in psychology class that I have what is called "hypersensitivity". I have great eye sight, hearing, and taste but more than anything my smell is crazy good. People call me a hound dog because I can smell things minutes before others can and I can distinguish what smells are easily. I am also very easily tickled and my touch is sensitive I guess you could say for example if someone is washing there hands in front of me I might get to the faucet and the water would burn my hands...always been this way. Also my memory is crazy, I am known to describe what you were wearing the first day I met you, I can remember scenes and visual imagery very well. I may not remember everything that was said at a particular moment but trust that I can remember what everything looked like. I often freak people out with this, and have memories of events that family members, friends, and loved ones hardly have a recollection of.

And now I will tag seven other stylish blogs with this award.

1. Love at First Quack  Follow my friend Brittany on the road to her wedding.
2. Zephyr Sarah a great family friend, is HANDS DOWN one of the most creative people I know, she is amazing and was the photographer for our wedding which you can see pics of under the wedding tab. Check her out!
2. Dirt-Cheap-Chic My friend Megan from high school and her style blog all about fashion, photography and thriftiness. So awesome for a girl living on a budget!
3. Frills For Thrills Love my friend Sarah's blog about fashion, style, interior design and more. Her blog is truly inspiring, hilarious, fun to read and very popular!
4. Zipped Another awesomely popular style blog from a gal with awesome style in Seattle
5. Design Sponge Totally famous blog but I likey =)
6. Style Me Pretty Obviously you all know this one too, but if you don't. Just click and you will see why this blog is so famous for their style awesomeness.
7. Walks With Bella A sweet blog,  a little about weddings, a little about life but always cheery and heart felt.

Thanks again for my Style Award! I hope some of you other bloggers will see this and feel free to start it off by giving the award out to 7 blogs, it's fun!


Tamra of walkswithBella said...

Oh Hayzlie!!! I'm so behind and my sincerest apologies for just now writing. Thank you so much for the award! I am so honored to be among such fabulous bloggers! I will most definitely reaward this to others as well. Thank you again my darlin!

btw - would LOVE to have you over for a guest post soon. Email me if you are interested!!

xoxo - tamra

.Porcelaine. said...

Congrats! and ur blog is actually pretty cool and inspiring :)

check out my blog if you have some time xx