Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wedding Hair Flower

There are so many weddings coming up this summer and since one of my very best friends is getting married in just about a month, a lot of "wedding time" has been devoted to her, which I have no problem with! I am so excited for her big day. Months ago she decided she wanted to wear a flower in her hair and was planning on ordering one from an expensive vendor. I told her this was nonsense and that I would make her flower myself as a pre-wedding gift. Her colors are blush pink and ivory. She had sent me photos of her favorite types of hair flowers before and I just combined her favorites into one personalized flower. I think it turned out beautiful and to me it exemplifies the bride's style. I researched a little on how to make one and I bought all the supplies at a craft store and assembled it using hot glue. The flower has very light pink, ivory, and lace petals, feathers, and a jeweled center.

The most special part of this flower besides being made by one of her bridesmaids, is that the center little jewel flower came from the hair pins I wore on my own wedding day. They fit perfectly with the style and i thought it would be a sweet little memento for her to have. I am thinking about starting to make a variety of hair flowers and selling them on etsy. We will see what my time allows but I had a blast making it and it really did turn out better than I could have imagined! What do you think?

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