Thursday, July 12, 2012

What to Wear to Weddings

Being in my twenties, it seems every year we get a handful of wedding invitations. I obviously love weddings, and I always have so much fun no matter whom the couple or the theme. It can be a daunting task figuring out what to wear just from a simple invite. If you are lucky the invite will indicate the attire that is appropriate, otherwise you might only get the simple cue of garden, beach or a hotel name. I like to dress for weddings according to some simple rules that are good to keep in mind. They are:

1. Keep it classy - This is a ceremony often religious and you don't want to come wearing the neon, midriff  bearing, cleavage showing, glitter dress you wore in Vegas to the bachelorette party!

2. Don't wear all white, cream or any shade resembling a wedding dress - It is the bride's big day, let her stand out in the color that is reserved for her or her bridesmaids just this once.

3. Dress for the weather - One VERY important rule I have learned about dressing that I would like to share with you is if it is windy, don't wear anything that can fly upwards in the wind. This is especially true for the Beach wedding category, anything flowy, and above the knees will be driving you crazy all night if there is wind. And that leads me to my next rule...

4. Dress comfortably - Weddings are a time to celebrate love and romance, but they are also a time to let loose, party with friends, eat some good food and have a couple of drinks. Wear something that you are comfortable dancing in, and having an extra piece of cake in. Also by dressing comfortably, wear something that is you, something that fits your personality because when you dress that way you are always more comfortable.

5. Better to overdress than under-dress - This rule is pretty self explanatory. If you are worried about overdressing, don't. You will be much more comfortable wearing something dressy than if you show up in something casual and everyone else looks dressier than you. But it is possible to overdress, unless it says black tie, don't show up wearing anything that resembles your prom dress or that is covered in rhinestones and sparkles. Just keep it simple.

Well I have put together a few of my favorite options to inspire your wardrobe for wedding season, and have broken it down into 3 categories of possible wedding types. Pair the following ensembles with the right shoes and accessories and you will surely be set. Which are your favorite looks?

Backyard/Garden Wedding

1. Forever 21  2. Skirt - Forever 21, Top - Lulus  3. Tobi  4. Lulus

Beach Wedding

1. Lulus  2. Tobi  3. Lulus  4. Lulus

Elegant (Museum, Church, Hotel) Wedding

1. BEBE  2. Tobi  3. Tobi  4. Lulus

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